Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Even in a Subdivision

It's no secret that in my ideal life I'm living on 10 acres of property where dogs and children roam free, make tire swings, dam up creeks, and climb high into trees.

My ideal dreams do not ever delve into the resulting chiggers, water snakes or the time it would take to maintain such property.  So, the ideal reigns supreme.

The reality is far different.  We live in a clipped and manicured subdivision with a list a mile long of all the things one must never do to violate homeowner association policies.

I love my house to bits . . . spacious, light and airy, perfect floor plan.  My setting . . . well, I do chafe a little.

So, I'm effusively thankful that there are ways that my kids can still interact with nature . . . even in a tightly controlled subdivision.

There are the woods not so far away, a small creek that actually has running water when it rains and a pond across the street.

A pond in which to find tadpoles and turtles of all sizes and designs

And lately turtles have been all the rage.

Oh, the scurrying when a little head peeks above the water.

The evaluating of the catches.

The pouring and combining of buckets.

The execution of water quality control.

The mad dash of the specimen inspection committee.

And the inspecting itself.  Amazing one-on-one investigation of awesome creation.

And can I even begin to express my delight that this is the current footwear of choice?

p.s.  All turtles were returned safely to their pond habitat at the end of the day's activities!

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