Monday, April 1, 2013

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs!!

When you think you have decorated Easter eggs every way possible . . .

When you have dyed, tie-dyed, stenciled, colored, sticker-ed, waxed, and crackled . . .

When you think there cannot possibly be another way to embellish the "incredible, edible egg," never fear, some brilliantly creative person with think of a new way!!

This year, we tried "silk tie" dying our eggs.

We found our instructions here.

It was a good bit of work, what with the snipping of the old silk ties, wrapping the eggs, tying the silk on tight so the dye would transfer (note to self:  next year use rubber bands!!), wrapping each egg in its own white cotton pouch, wrapping again, and boiling in water and a bit of vinegar.

But oh the fun of unwrapping each little surprise package and discovering how the pattern had transferred from the soft silk of the tie to the hard, smooth egg shell.

Delightful Easter fun.  Go figure . . . this year there really was something new under the sun.  At least to me!!

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