Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gluten-Free (A Contrast)

I grew up in a wheat culture, just like most of you.  Wheat is what I knew for baking.  Add a little yeast and oil and you had pizza crust.  Add some leavening, sugar and fats and you had cookies.  Add some buttermilk and you had pancakes.

One canister did it all.

And then . . . the big gluten exit and oh my goodness did life change.  Now all of baking is centered on one question.

What can I do to make this bread product taste like it is made with wheat???

Aah, there is the question.  And to answer the question, one must have lots and lots of different flours to mix and add.

I used to have a canister of Wheat Flour.

Now, I have canisters of Rice Flour
                                      Oat Flour
                                      Tapioca Flour
                                      Potato Flour
                                      Arrowroot Starch
                                      Pizza Crust Mix
                                      Pancake Mix
                                      All-Purpose Mix (for cookies)
                                      Xanthan Gum

My pantry is bulging!  There's scarcely room.  I finally corralled all the miscellaneous bags (folded over, clothes-pinned, leaking from different openings) into nice smooth glass canisters.  This comforts me.  A little

My how life has changed.

Before the gluten-free life:

After the gluten-free life:

My pantry and I are still adjusting!

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