Thursday, February 19, 2009

A 5 Year-Old, A Piano, and Post-It Notes

I was greeted this afternoon by a strange sight in the living room. Excuse me, what is all over my piano?
Closer inspection allowed me to discover Post-It notes---many, many Post-It notes---covering the front of the piano.

Equally strange were all the mysterious "writings" on the Post-Its. A new language, perhaps? A secret code? I asked Youngest Daughter the meaning of this, and she said (with slight condescension), "It's the music for the piano, Mom, I'm learning to play."

If genius is budding, why should I complain if this is all I have to show for an entire stack of lime green Post-Its?


  1. We would love to come play with you again little miss genius! We enjoyed each entry and loved this one with more than just a smile!! She must be following in her mothers creative genius. It reminded us of just older sibling and the labels on bathroom sink.
    After getting your email notice, it took awhile for us to get established with the goog, reading all that stuff, and finally figuring out how to get to any blog site, it was well worth the frustration of getting through, to be blessed with Living With Imperfection by Shelley in SC.
    What a lovely site and way for you to share your creative writing genius in all it's simplicity, sincerety and love. Keep 'em coming, we'll be back for more enjoyable visits. We can hardly wait to read your books to come, like those of Irma Bombeck!

  2. How cute is this! Happened on your blog. Loved the post about the re-sale items too. Girl- I have SOOOO been there!