Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Hobby

It all began when I picked up this book at my nearby library. I have no idea why I would have picked up a book on knitting. I mean, I took a class on knitting 20 years ago. I got about 12 inches of bright yellow and white stripes knitted on circular needles, and then shoved it into the closet, where it remained until I got tired of my husband teasing me about my knitted "tube top." Well, it didn't take long until reading about yarn, needles, and knitting again piqued my interest. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee with her humor and love affair with her art totally hooked me. So, I'm learning on dishcloths . . . humble, forgiving, cheap dishcloths. A good place for someone with a tendency to imperfection to start.

This was my first. I got the pattern here, and it's now one of my favorite blogs to visit. That got me started on my knits and purls, moving the yarn back and forth, the lovely calming effect of yarn slipping on and off needles.

Next I moved to increases and decreases and tried this one.

Meanwhile, I totally fell in love with lace knitting, tried to knit lace patterned scarf, ripped it out 6 times, and then humbly came back to my dishcloths and knitted this:

It's official. I'm addicted.


  1. beautiful!! i love the yellow one!!!

    thanks for your sweet note on my blog~ now i'm glad to find YOURS!!!

    lovely pictures and so fun to read.

  2. Reading this reminded me of how much I used to enjoy doing needlepoint years ago: also very calming. I may try to return to that again, or even try knitting, as I could use some calmness every now and again. Thanks for sharing - I love how you arranged the dishclothes in the basket!

    And BTW, your digital camera seems perfectly fine to me, despite comments from Oldest Son. (smile)

  3. I like the intersting pattern on the middle one. They are all looking good. A promise of some wonderful blankets/garments to come perhaps?

  4. I just found your blog through beezieland and was browsing around.
    I've been dabbling in learning how to knit and you reminded me of a 1/2 done dishcloth in my 'to-do' basket. Thanks for the inspiration and links... I might just finish it now. :)