Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fun Finds (And Cheap Too!)

I don't know if it was 2 solid weeks of grey, heavy, wet weather; a husband recovering from back surgery; or take-out pizza for the 3rd time this month, but somehow I knew I needed a punch of "cheerful" in my kitchen or risk going totally loopy. Rules: #1 - Can't spend much and #2 -Must make me smile.

First find:

Look at this adorable little bowl from Pier One. I keep it next to the stove and fill it with kosher salt for cooking. Just a couple of bucks.

Across the aisle at Pier One:

How beautiful is this thick, green glass with all the little bubbles running through it? Would love a whole set but must stick to Rule #1.
Perfect for holding straws for the kiddos.

These were squashed in a dusty back corner of a Five and Dime Store. Glass bowls. Definitely meeting criteria for Rule #2. I'm thinking pudding with whipped cream for dessert . . . side salad . . . applesauce.

And last:

Some placemats from Target. Does not match my kitchen's decor but should spice up mealtime conversation.

Okay, the sun is shining again in my kitchen.

Late-breaking Imperfection Update: Those beautiful, brightly colored glass bowls found in a dusty corner of the five and dime?? They are clear glass with a SPRAYED-ON coating of color on the outside!!! No, I could NOT tell this when I purchased them. Of course after 2 trips through the wash cycle the spray is beginning to FLAKE OFF!! Reminder to self: Purchased kitchen cheeerfulness is subject to the whims of cheap manufacturers!

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  1. I love this, Shelley! You truly made me laugh. At least the kitchen cheerfulness lasted for a short time before the dishwasher brought it all to a dissolving end.... (smile)