Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A GRAND Time for GRANDkids

When it comes to giving grandkids a grand time camping, not all grandparents could do as grand a job as these two (sorry . . . I couldn't help myself!!). Actually, not all grandparents would even choose to put up with their grandkids on a camping trip.

But these two have the secret formula.

Choose a gorgeous location. (Mountains of NC are preferred!)

Allow the kids to sleep out of doors and get the full camp experience.

But keep enough comforts of home to save your sanity and your back!

Let the kids do things they don't get to do at home . . . like making fires . . . beautiful, glowing campfires . . . ::sigh::!

Play endless age-appropriate card games . . . everything from Clean Hands/Dirty Feet to Zoomania.

Encourage jumping off high rock formations into deep, cool swimming holes.

Throw in enough dish washing, water hauling, tent folding, and wood gathering that you don't forget you're part of the team.

(Oh, this picture does do me good! Nothing like a strapping 15 year-old boy drying dishes to get the heart palpitating!)

Show the kids that even grandparents can have fun!

(This poor grandfather nearly froze his rear end off, floating down the river!)

Allow lots of independent bike-riding time. (This is another good sanity-saver for grandparents!)

And then fix the bikes when they get back.

Add in a generous amount of the best cousins in the world. And then stir in some blue skies, warm sunshine, and a strong dose of the scent of pine.

This formula results in wonderful memories, appreciation for the out of doors, and a love for camping every time.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!!


  1. Good for them. How sweet of them to take them all at once and camping no less.
    I'm so impressed.

    I know you kids will never forget it.


  2. Your parents look wonderful! Please send my love to them.