Friday, November 13, 2009


My Thursdays just became wild . . . unpredictable . . . crazy. Right at dinner time I now have one child leaving the house for his JV basketball practice with the Man of the House , another child leaving the house for his 5th grade basketball practice with me, 3 children staying home and needing dinner, 4 of us returning home at different times and needing dinner. It's a recipe for family meal disaster.

I could have pizza every Thursday night . . . and slowly whittle away all my monthly grocery budget. I could turn all people loose on the kitchen to scavenge what they could find . . . and end up with my 6 year-old eating cappuccino fudge ice cream, Cheetos, and gummy bears.

Or . . . I could start using my (deep breath) slow cooker.

Let me be the first to say I hate slow cooker dinners! Maybe it's just me, but it seems to me that by the time I actually serve a slow cooker meal, all of the individual ingredients have simmered together into one unrecognizable lump! (The only notable exception I have found is Shredded Italian Pot Roast, which is divine. Okay, so I have one meal.)

But here I am . . . needing . . . really needing a slow cooker to handle dinner for me. Wonderful concept . . . dump all ingredients in, and family feeds themselves out of it as needed, all the while the delicious meal stays simmeringly hot, fragrant, and savory.

::sigh:: If only!

So, yes, I'm biting the proverbial bullet and on Thursdays I will be pulling out the slow cooker. I'm not going it alone, thankfully. I'm taking along this book that all the reviewers on Amazon say is amazing, life-changing, and will work miracles. I'm counting on that . . . miracles, that is. On Fridays I will review the previous day's attempts at the aforesaid hot, fragrant, savory meals.

If you gotta do something you don't wanna do, at least approach it with an air of adventure! And I'm definitely always up for an adventure!!

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