Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Thanksgiving Surprise

Okay . . . here's an "association" quiz.

What do sand and stuffing, crashing waves and cranberry sauce, and lighthouses and lots of turkey have in common?

This year . . . for our family . . . the common denominator is Thanksgiving!!

Do you remember I was trying to cheerfully accept no beach vacation this year . . . no golden sunsets with dolphins leaping in the bay . . . no gazing forever and ever across the ocean and into the horizon . . . no pedalling straight into the briny, salty wind across the sand. ::sob::

So, what a delightful surprise it was when the Man of the House began looking at our schedules and realized that all college classes, sports teams, and work schedules caught their collective breath over the Thanksgiving holidays and we actually had several days in a row to string together for some family time.

Did I want to go to the beach? Did I want to go? Did I want to go?

My hands were already packing while my mouth was forming the word "yes"!

So we'll be having a delightfully unconventional Thanksgiving this year. I won't be cooking a big meal. I won't be desperately cleaning the house at 3 in the morning so that everyone who arrives for the big dinner will think we live in that degree of spotlessness on a daily basis. I won't be picking turkey off endless bones and ziplocking it into freezer bags.

I'll be listening to the roar of waves and watching sunsets and pedalling furiously into the wind.

And I can't wait!

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  1. Hooray for you! Hooray for your man of the House making such a sweet offering! Hooray for the beach and for non-traditional holidays!
    I just love you and your writing and your attitude and I hope your beach trip is more than you imagine - gritty and breezy and beautiful.