Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Daily Gift

I know teaching your kids at home has some downsides.  This is earth and this is life and nothing is perfect.

But this is not one of the downsides.

Middle Son, sitting outside, doing his math homework.

This kid who can't sit still, who wants to live on his BMX bike, who hates working at a table, who rides scooters and makes up games for the 5 year-old twin boys next door, whose legs bounce up and down while I teach him his history, who wakes up in the morning just counting the hours until he can get outside and run, run, run with his friends . . .

This kid gets to do his homework outside, with the sunshine streaming down on him and the wind riffling his hair and the dogs running up and down the deck stairs, checking on and nuzzling him.  (And yes, that's his cereal bowl next to the dog food bowl ::sigh::) 

And for him, schooling at home is nothing short of a daily gift.

Wait . . . is that Middle Son doing his math on his fingers up above?  Must've learned math from his mother.

Like I said . . . downsides!


  1. Adorable. Thanks for sharing this. How old is he? I love that his cereal bowl is alongside the dogs. Ha ha ha! Totally boy. Crack me up! My 7 year old is a lot like him. :)

  2. A wonderful gift YOU are giving him. I admire you as this is something i wanted to do, but did not believe i would pull it off. Too selfish i guess.
    Sweet day ...or night x

  3. Hey gal :)
    I love these pics and you inspire me.
    Hearts, Sami Jo