Saturday, November 20, 2010


Of all the varied members of our family, there are 2 that, at this point, lead unfair lives. 

Their lives are unfair because (1) Their father coaches varsity basketball, (2) their brother plays varsity basketball, (3) their sister plays varsity volleyball, and (4) their mother administrates the 15 teams in the organization.

This has unfortunately led to their being dragged from pillar to post . . . or, more accurately, from one sporting venue to another.

And this is unfair because, at this point, these two couldn't give a rippin' flip about sports.  They've got their interests, all right, but they don't involve either a round ball or a ref's shrill whistle or a driving spirit of competition.

So on Friday, when The Man of the House left to coach and Oldest Son left to dribble and drive and dunk and Oldest Sister left to keep stats in the score book, I stayed home to make a fire in the fire pit, invite a few  friends, and make it their night.

Actually, Middle Son made a fire . . . a roaring fire . . . something of which I am not yet capable.

and all the necessaries were added to complete the picture.

Roasted hot dogs and marshmallows disappeared at an alarming rate. 

And then, boys being boys, they began to also roast marshmallows covered in ketchup, cheddar goldfish, and, amazingly, fruit snacks. 

None were considered a rousing hit, until one of them was inspired to try roasting an apple. 

The apples sizzled and sputtered and the skin blackened to a silky charcoal.  Then the apples were cooled and the charcoaled skin was peeled off.  And to their delight, inside they found a most delicious baked apple which they devoured in large mouthfuls. 

May I please add that it did my heart no end of good when Middle Son (who has been known to favor Vienna sausages, American cheese, and fast food french fries) declared that it was the most delicious snack he had ever yet been privileged to partake of.

There was lots of laughter, a few crazy competitions of their own, and a few too many marshmallows. 

For those of you who are wondering why I never mentioned Youngest Daughter . . . wondering whether she fits into the "sports-addicted" category or "poor-child-living-an unfair-life" category.

Let me just say that at this point she plays no sports.  But after observing her for the past 7 years, as adored baby girl of the family, I will also say that nothing about this child's life could remotely be considered "unfair."

Just saying.


  1. They are all so different, arent' they? Since I have 4 girls I think i can say this from experience. I had 3 sportys then vavoom the 4th......a theatre girl. Your creativity is evident so I am guessing it is coming out in one of those precious kids of yours. Everyone has such God given gifts and some are slower to blossom. Seems the sports ones come out first....then the creative ones seem to emerge a but later. oh, and one of the sporty girls turned all guitar and song on me recently at 21's ever changing and evolving, eh? Thinking good thoughts for you and yours today!! Enjoying them all!!

  2. Love this.
    And I love that you buy ketchup and mustard in bulk bottles.
    I mean, why mess around with those smaller versions anyway?

  3. Wow--your kids had quite a night! I have to say, I sympathize with your middle one and his unfair life! My dad, mom and brother are sports fanatics and, as you say, I could give a rippin flip about sports! However, as a mother now, I love the sound of a sports game in the background. I just don't want to be watching it! Maybe your son will feel this way one day...

  4. how awesome the pic's are. Love that you are
    a caring person and gave those beautiful dogs a home. And your children are beautiful. So Blessed .