Friday, January 31, 2014

24-Hour Reset Button

Have you ever noticed how a day, once it begins to slowly unravel, will progress along that continuum at a greater and greater speed until it lies in a corkscrew mess at your feet (definitely thinking in knitting terms here)?  Of course you have.

This morning the day began with the dogs barking 10 minutes (10 minutes!!!) before my alarm was set to go off at 6:00 a.m.  Feeling immensely sorry for myself, I laid back down at 5:55, turned off my alarm and decided to reward myself with 15 more minutes of sleep for my inconvenience.

Of course, I didn't awaken until I could hear the Man of the House clinking the shower door, and I remembered that I had promised him a hot breakfast.

I jumped up, got the pan ready for some scrumptious over-easy's, stuck in the toast . . . and found I was out of eggs and the one slice of bread left was a heel, slightly dry.  Bon appetit, dear!

The precious time set aside for my sanity-saving morning walk had been slept away in my early morning pity party, and I could feel the day reeling out of control.

From there on, the day continued on with:

* Forgetting to bring a book to the doctor's office, resulting in a solid hour of staring at a wall chart showing the difference between the bone structure of flat feet and high arches before the nurse even made an appearance.

* Cleanup of 2 dog messes in the house from canines that are afraid to walk down the porch stairs in the snow.

* Driving a 10,000 pound, rear-wheel drive conversion van to a rural location over icy roads.

* Discovering that the basketball games scheduled for Thursday had refs who were scheduled to show up on Friday.

* And finding the grocery store flat out of bananas---flat out!---due to the Great Winter Storm of the South, 2014 edition.

Aren't you glad that God mercifully brings every set of 24 hours to a close and pushes the reset button, allowing the sun to disappear and reappear again in time for a fresh start the next morning?!!

Yeah, I am too!

And Youngest Son, if you're reading this, yes, I shamelessly stole 3 of your sunset pictures.  Today just might not be the day to make an issue of it!


  1. Ahhh that reset button of grace - love it. Happy weekend!

  2. Oh yes...some days are just like that...but tomorrow is another day my friend. God is good! xoxoxo