Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Un-decorating

I am always amazed by those who can put up and take down their Christmas decorations with speed and efficiency.

"Oh, I got Christmas put away today," they say glibly.

TODAY??  Meaning one day?  All done in a 24-hour span?  I feel dizzy.

No, that is not me.

The children took down the tree ornaments and railing garland/lights on Tuesday.  They are currently mounded up on the leather sofa, defying anyone to even consider sitting.  Yesterday I got the lights off the various trees and hubby took down the outside wreaths.  And there they sit in comfortable little piles.

Christmas decorating takes on an organic feel for me.  From the moment the boxes get lowered from the attic and the first ornament goes on, I am "deciding how to decorate" throughout the holiday season.  And little vignettes and additions come about on a weekly basis.  By the time Christmas has arrived, the house may, quite possibly, be the way I would like it to look "this Christmas."  Quite possibly.

I guess Christmas un-decorating takes on this same slow, organic feel.  The decorating that distractedly wove itself together in December, rambles again through a slow unraveling in January.

Pine needles make a leisurely exit into the dustpan, ornaments relax themselves into their boxes, and an assortment of woodland animals wait patiently to be wrapped, tucked into bins, and tugged back up the attic stairs.

Christmas un-decorating.  Definitely as much of an undertaking as that of decorating in the first place.

And now I'm off to engage in more of that exercise so that perhaps those with whom I live, who are not as in tune with the concept of the "organic unraveling of Christmas," may be able to feel that they are back in their right minds by this weekend.


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  1. Hey, Shelley, my "method" of un-decorating is much like yours.
    My attempt to organize the storing of these items is much like yours in that my attempt to gather like items in piles/stacks thinking they will be easier to store and to find next year will truly happen.

    So far, my pressing board (48"x24") is completely covered

    Hopefully all will be stashed away in . . . . What??? A few more days. ;-)

    Thanks for finding time to check up on me

    Shelley, my postings to my blog were sporadic to say the least
    But blog friends are are never far from my mind

    Knitting has become a PASSION
    and I'm rewarded with at least one cardigan kit to fit
    And, boy, does it.
    It's so encouraging to know it is possible for me to knit a sweater that I can be totally proud of.

    My hope is to knit several more in the coming months.

    May 2014 be a great year for you and yours.