Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Missing My Girl

Camp has stolen away another of my precious kids for a week ::sigh::!

This time it took my oldest . . . my steady rock . . . my stabilizing force.

(She's on the right. This is all paint . . . trust me!!)

This child is a gift . . . like all children. We're so totally different . . . and that makes her such a blessing.

My head is usually somewhere in the clouds, dreaming, planning future plans. She is practical, sensible, no nonsense. She finds lost library books, obeys instructions to the letter, reminds me to put on my seatbelt, gets us out the door on time.

She watches sports with the Man of the House and laughs at me when I try to make an intelligent comment. She adores her friends. She plays Barbies and Polly Pockets by the hour with her little sister.

Is she perfect? No. No way. But she's loved. And she's becoming. Becoming more Christlike every day. Becoming more and more the woman He made her to be. Becoming more patient and gracious and kind. And that's exciting.

And, by the way, I got all these pictures off her camera, and she's going to kill me. KILL me!! Well dear, you know, when the cat's away . . .


  1. She's beautiful. Maybe if we all rave about her beauty, she will let you off the hook? :)

    Seriously, those eyes.

  2. She is beautiful. That last pictures is wonderful.
    Boy, she has all those first-born characteristics and then some.
    Thanks for sharing her and letting us get to know her.


  3. This is so wonderful. I think mothers are designed to be their daughter's biggest fans.

  4. What a beautiful girl. I love the paint photo!
    So, did she kill you? Hey, its a mom's perogative to help themselves to pictures, digital or otherwise. I'll never forget my mom taking my wedding pictures from me the first day I got them back, so that she could scan and copy. She got so mad when I didn't want her to take the album just then because I wanted some time to sort through them. I had to just hand them over to her. But, I enjoy it when I pull the mom rank too.

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