Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Simple Joys Along the Way

There is delight in looking for, and finding, joy in the simple, the everyday, even the mundane.

To my great surprise, I find that when I am intent on finding these little pleasures in the everyday, I begin to find them in abundance. Each day can become a treasure hunt. And each find a surprising gift.

Here are some of the simple joys I have stumbled upon lately. I would've missed them if I wasn't looking.

Flowers that by a dictionary definition would be called weeds but when
picked by the hands of Youngest Son and Youngest Daughter, stuffed into
miscellaneous vases and salt shakers, and placed "up high" so as to be
best seen become sweet objects of art.

Laundry hanging in the summer sunshine behind a tiny,
wood-heated house down the road.

The slowly unfurling, waxy petals of the magnolia
blossoms in the backyard.

The look of awestruck wonder on the face of a child allowed to eat her entire bag of Skittles.

Who knew you could find beauty while
walking the aisles of Sam's??

Icy cold bottled water taken in refreshing gulps
in the muggy heat of summer.

Large, barely blushing dahlias just cut
from My Mom's garden.

A riotous celebration of the ability to do your hair "all by myself."

"Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father . . . "


  1. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be packing boxes. But I needed a break and was excited to see you posted something new. Love the message...how very true. But my big grin for the day was the "all by myself" hairdo. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

  2. Great reminders of the simple joys in life.
    She has a knack for hair styling. :0
    Love the laundry drying on the line. I don't get to see that much where I live.


  3. Good Message! I love the head full of barretts. So stylin'!

  4. I don't know which simple joy I love best. I love magnolias. Eating an entire bag of skittles is pure joy to a kid and the barrettes are too cute. I think we are kindred spirits. (I know that's cheesey, but I am okay with it!)