Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Best Thing About Summer Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping in the summer is a treat!! Bins of large, fuzzy peaches; strawberries sold in 2-pound boxes; plums in every color of the rainbow. But by far the biggest treat of the summer is the blueberries!

And at the height of blueberry season they are available for an unbelievable $2/pint!! Handfuls of fresh, sweet blueberries for less than I can drive through Starbucks and order a coffee.

When the other groceries are tucked into the back of the vehicle, the blueberries come and sit with me in the front seat for just a few tastes of their summer sweetness.

In the parking lot of the grocery store:

"Oh, yummm! Just look at those blue, blueberries against my blue, blue jeans! I'll open the top and eat that big one over on the right."

Before turning out of the parking lot onto the road:

"Okay, I'm going to pick out all the biggest and sweetest ones and eat them on the way home."

At the first traffic light:

"Wow, that was a lot of biggest and sweetest ones. But, mmmmmmmm, nothing says 'summer' like a handful of blueberries!"

At the second traffic light:

"Okay, another handful to celebrate summer."

Turning off the main road toward my subdivision:

"Oh, my! Blueberries really disappear quickly when you're eating them by the handful! Guess I'll just finish these off!"

Turning in to my subdivision:

"Ah, summer, sweet summer. At least no one sees my secret summer indulgence!"

Pulling in to the driveway:

"Mom, mom, mom! You're back!! Did you bring home any of those yummy blueberries???"


  1. What a cute post Shelley! I loved it!! I too LOVE blueberries!

  2. Some things are just meant to be eaten immediately! You are so right about all the good things in the produce section right now.
    I'm loving the peaches.


  3. Blueberry love! Though I can completely get this craving.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  4. Over here in Australia in the depths of winter I can barely read that post. I miss summer fruit like anything. Blackberries, yum, I like the small ones the best. Have a great weekend Shelley.

  5. Being a little higher up in Aus that Kate I am enjoying spring delights like daffodils and lengthening days, being able to begin line drying washing again and seeing birds gathering materials for nests. Thanks for a peek at your summer, I really like your blog.

  6. Hahahahahaha! Reading this post just cracked me up! We love blueberries here. I remember picking them one summer and trying to fill up our buckets. We could NOT fill them up because I ate them, warm off the bush, as fast as I could pick them. There is nothing like the blueberries of summer.

    I'm glad you enjoyed that little treat on your way home. There's no harm in that. You'll just have to go buy more tomorrow!

  7. I love blueberries and was thrilled to see that our local Aldi store had them on sale for .99 per pint!! Needless to say I bought 7 pints (for now) the sale is on until wed so I'll likely go back for more, at the very least I can freeze some. :)