Monday, July 13, 2009

Emotions of a Garage Sale

1. Anticipation as the children and I clean, pile and price our items, merchandising them "just so" on the tables, and close the garage . . . waiting for morning.

2. Irritation upon hearing the alarm clock buzz at 6:30 on a Saturday morning and knowing I am going to be haggling over the $2 price I'm charging for the $55 shoes my child had to have and never wore.

3. Amusement at watching the Man of the House try so hard to be a supportive mate and help me with the sale . . . and have to leave after a mere 20 minutes because he just can't stand the garage sale scene.

4. Joy at seeing a little boy clutching my son's Nerf gun, grinning ear to ear, and raining foam ammunition down upon himself as he walks back up the road.

5. Melancholy in observing a stack of wooden "peg" puzzles that Youngest Daughter has outgrown and remembering the hours of fun we had during puzzle time right before bed.

6. Happiness as we meet strangers, swap stories, encourage purchases, share smiles, and chat with neighbors.

7. Freedom in seeing the "stuff" cluttering up our home being whisked away.

8. Pride in watching the children's faces as they pocket their earnings and squirrel the money away for a new Lego set . . . or a prop for a magic trick . . . or a CD . . . or . . .

9. Relief while folding up tables and bagging up the "leftovers" for charity . . . and knowing Garage Sale Day, with all its accompanying emotions, is over for another year.


  1. Lots of emotions and exhaustion surround the garage sale scene. I haven't had one in years. Just main do children consignment stores or sale locally online.
    Glad you had a good day and they've got some money in their pockets.


  2. I'm glad your sale went well and it is over for another year - that's the best part!

    The last one I had was last summer. I finally sold all of the Barbies and Barbie furniture. My younger girls LOVED to play Barbies. They spent hours doing that. They used the entire upstairs landing (which is big) to set up their houses. And, their Daddy would play with them. But, they hadn't done that in a long time. When a man bought all the stuff for his granddaughter, I just about broke down and cried.

    I don't think I'll be having another garage sale any time soon.

  3. Oh Id love to have come to your garage sell, hope it all went well. What is it with husbands and thrifty fun they just dont like it!!
    I keep trying to sell things on ebay but then I get attached to them again!!

    felicity xx