Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Hero

Some women want their heroes to come dashing in on a stunning white stallion.

I'll take mine in a small VW bug with a logo on the side.

Some women want a shiny, silver shield over their hero's arm.

I'm satisfied with a badge.

Some women want their hero to be suave, debonair, and buff.

(Hmmm, this does look pretty appealing.)

I'm pleased with slightly portly and plump.

Some women would be thrilled to be rescued by a man wearing strong, sturdy combat boots.

I'm currently attracted to black shoes, white socks and slightly too-short black pants.

Sometimes you just can't be choosy when it comes to being rescued.

All I know is this man restored my internet service, and he is my hero.

(So sorry not to give you a good face shot. This hero is shy like that.)


  1. Hilarious!!! Gotta love the Geek Squad!

  2. I AM LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF! THIS IS A RIOT! I wish I could have taken photos of a plumber that came to our house once.........but I won't go there. Use your imagination. We STILL laugh about it.

    I'm going to have to find a way to bookmark this post and return any time I need a good laugh. I adore your writing....I'm seeing a book in your future, girlie!


  3. This is sooo funny. Did you tell this poor guy you were photographing his poorly chosen socks? You're hilarious!!

  4. Very funny! I'm still giggling though I think he could possibly be most 'bloggers' hero!

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

  5. I am so glad you are up and running! And, this post cracked me up, too. Your writing is amazing (as are you!).

    P.S. I thought the long-haired hero was pretty cute.

  6. Girl we all know what you are saying and your speaking our language.
    My next hero will have to come in the form of a dishwasher repair man.
    Glad he got your connection taken care of. I've had those guys out before and they were great. Now my neighbors kids does it for me.


  7. Crack me up! Cute post. Did you give him your blog address! Love it!

  8. This one had me rolling with laughter! I have to ask: did Mr. Geek Squad Man know he was being photographed??
    I agree with Gina: the suave, debonair and buff hero looks pretty good to me, too. Seeing him might make me forget my internet isn't working...(smile)