Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tote Bags and Prince Charming

My knitting projects are not something you should plan your schedules by. If you want that, you had better go to Yarn Harlot, where Stephanie McPhee regularly rolls out a new pair of socks or a blanket or a full-blown lace shawl on a weekly basis.

I like to keep my knitting projects very . . . uh . . . fluid as far as schedule, color, fiber and any other variable is concerned. All are subject to be changed at a moments notice. They are also subject to being started and being abandoned at a moment's notice.

Which brings me to my current project. You remember the tote bag I was going to be working on?

(Photo Source: Purl Bee)
Knit in this stunningly warm and welcoming yarn?

Oh, I could cry just looking at it! I bought this from a small yarn shop up in Hendersonville, NC and unbelievably bought only a 50 gram ball!! What was I thinking. The tote needs 100 grams. So, weeks later I went back to the store to pick up another 50 gram ball. And . . . you know the story . . . no more 50 gram balls of this glowing sunshine of a color!!

I asked the proprietor if he would be getting any more. He looked shocked and said no, of course not. He is from Lebanon and every fall he leaves to go and buy his yarns in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and brings them back to his shop to be sold in the upcoming year. Hence, the beautiful yarns. Hence, the one-of-a-kind projects. Clearly I was not shopping at Hobby Lobby.

And so, there you go, 50 grams of fiber sunshine tantalizing me . . . but not enough to make my tote.

I bought this cotton instead, but it's kind of like settling for going to the ball with your kid brother and watching Prince Charming whirl around with Cinderella.

Just as I was ready to lift the knitting needles to get going on the "Nest Tote," across my computer screen comes this distraction.

(Photo Source: Purl Bee)

This pattern is crochet. Crochet is faster. I'm tempted . . . really, really tempted. This pattern with the sage cotton yarn. It could work!

If I can't have the Prince, guess I can be satisfied with the Kid Brother. ::sigh::

See what I mean . . . always keeping my projects fluid . . . very fluid.

P.S. You can find the pattern here.


  1. oooh! I like it! Love this post it made me smile. :)

  2. I love your analagy (is that spelled right?) of the ball and going with either Kid Brother or Prince Charming -- it gives a relatable picture of the way life is sometimes : )

  3. Mmm, I'm liking that new shade too! Think you should DEFINITELY work that bag into your fluid schedule. :)

  4. I've been looking at that pattern too. So sad about your wool. Would you believe the same thing happened to me with that grey dress I was crocheting. I can't decide if I should unravel it or continue with a new colour.