Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Fall Table

As if there weren't enough signals to the change of season to be observed all around me, my dining room table always provides yet another reminder.

Remember this soothing beach scene played out in the center of the table? It kept me smiling all summer. No, we never made it to the beach, but I could touch sand and shells and smile at the seagull any time I wanted.

By the end of summer, however, things were beginning to disintegrate a little! Little fingers had played in the sand, and it had spilled everywhere . . . even on the gorgeous wood of the table!!

The pelican who had been so jaunty standing on his driftwood perch in the early days now cowered tentatively behind one of the beach chairs. I know, little fellow, a few months in this household can reduce you to a mumbling ball of neuroses; can't it?! I feel your pain.

The table shouted out loud, "Enough of summer!! Bring on fall!"

I first became inspired for my fall table by this fabulous picture in a Lowe's magazine. I loved all the different looks of the various pumpkins and the elegant touches of gold.

So, I got some different pumpkins, squash, gourds and brought them home. I fully intended to add the gold touches, but when I saw the different pieces in all their beauty, I couldn't bear to cover any of it up with gold!

How could I spray over this beautiful mottled acorn?

Or these fascinating Hubbards?

Or these sweet, creamy mini pumpkins?

No, these needed to just be piled onto the table, accented with some crepe myrtle seed pods,

and a few tiny terracotta pots spread around with votives inside.

Spray the seed pods gold? Paint the tiny pots gold inside or outside? No, gold was just not working for me this fall. I wanted the real colors of the vegetables, the imperfect oval seed pods, the rough terracotta of the little pots.

Perfect. Fall has arrived on my table top. And, oooooh, just look how warmly it glows at night!


  1. I saw the same Lowe's ad. I love how it turned out. Beautiful. Now, tell me the truth - do you re set this after every meal, eat around it or go to another table?


  2. No, Lacey, this is the formal table. You know, the one no one ever uses! Actually the kids do their schoolwork at this table. But not much eating goes on there. We all eat at the kitchen table.

  3. aww..magic...i love it and it reminds me of when we too used to acknowledge the seasons with a table scene...your is beautiful:)

  4. I love all of your pumpkins in their natural state. I couldn't bear to go with any of the shiny stuff this year, either. Fall to me is woods and leaves and acorns and pinecones and Pilgrims. And we all know that the Pilgrims did NOT have spray paint!

    Your table looks beautiful. I decorate my formal table, too, and it is hardly ever used. My kitchen table, however, is trashed at the end of each school day.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I love all the gourds and pumpkins! I, too, love Anne of Green Gables, that caught my eye. You have a lovely blog. I was brought to it from "Daisy Days" and I am glad I came! Kerrie @
    TWO HAPPY and