Sunday, October 4, 2009

We Had A Wedding!

Oooh, we had a wedding! No, not in the immediate "Imperfection" family but in extended family. And it was a family affair!

We squeezed into dress clothes:

And took gifts:

(Now, that was worth it!)

We slowly walked the aisle and adjusted the bride's train and generally looked pretty:

We lit candles:

Dropped silky white petals in thick clumps up the main aisle:

And resignedly handed out programs at the door:

I directed the wedding, and the Man of the House shuttled people back and forth, ate pizza patiently for too many dinners, tried to ignore the fact that his shirts hadn't been ironed, and paid for all of us to look beautiful.

The wedding had all the things we love to love in weddings!

Beautiful bride:

(sweet niece)

The moistest, lusciousest, bestest wedding cake we ever tasted:

(This is all that's left of an entire cake round after a post-wedding brunch and then being generally attacked by my brood.)

Dreamy flowers:

It was hectic and exhilirating and poignant and exhausting. And it's over. But it sure was fun while it lasted!


  1. ooooh... I'd say pretty bride and flowers! How fun!

  2. You have had some major planning going on at your house. Didn't know you were all involved in wedding plans.
    Everyone looked beautiful and handsome. I'm sure you got some great family pictures out of all this too. Beautiful Bride.


  3. Weddings are my fave...very handsome photos..loooove those flowers..:)

  4. Shelley - What beautiful and precious pictures of your lovely children. I love, love, love the two girls by the window! And of course the boys are so handsome -- especially my precious Palmer!

  5. I couldn't have had a better coordinator or helpers :) Definetly the best day of my life!! =]