Sunday, October 11, 2009

Caught in the Middle

I had an odd experience this weekend. I walked down the front walk, up the front steps, in the front door. There to my left were 5 smooth, perfect pumpkins . . . waiting to be carved. Mmmm, lovely fall images come to mind at the sight of those pumpkins . . . wickedly glowing jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, the mad bobbing to bring an apple up out of a tub of water, crisp mornings. Fall . . . such a tinglingly delicous season.

I walked through the house and heard a noise in the back yard.

I walked out the back door, across the back deck, down the back deck steps. There in front of me was Youngest Daughter . . . wearing a bathing suit . . . jumping on the trampoline . . . with a sprinkler blasting up from the bottom of the trampoline . . . freezing water wetting her down. The sun up above roasting hot.

(Please excuse the tattered net. Yes, of course there's a story, but now is not the time : ) )

In that moment, all fall images faded away. And I was instead pulled back into the world of popsicles, sunscreen, flip flops and beach towels.

And the house . . . it was caught in the middle fall at the front door, summer out the back.

I love this time of year when for a little while I can drink deeply from the cup of both seasons.

Summer winding down . . . wearing out. Fall gearing up . . . sashaying in.

And for a little while I can have "the best of both worlds."


  1. Sounds fantastic! The pic of your daughter braught back memories of my and my sissies doing that! Except no net and we had a huge stump we would jump off onto the trampoline off of! We were pretty crazy!

  2. It is pretty awesome that here in the South we can do that. I had my house all decorated for Fall and my two youngest girls were out on the deck in their bathing suits, playing in the hose. I told them it was their last hurrah. This was a week or so ago, though. It is, ONCE AGAIN, raining here and chilly.

    You truly have a gift for writing. I'm so glad you have a blog. Your stories are always beautifully written and many of them just crack me up. I loved the last post written to your dinner guests. I hope that they at least helped you clean up!

  3. Yes! I'm caught in the middle too! Holding tight to those last few warm summer like days, gazing trepidly into Fall.