Friday, October 30, 2009

Game Over

Hurricane Volleyball is now done. And the same can be said for me . . . I am done. I am sooooooo done with the season. It was wonderful while it lasted. But now I am done!

I have taken admissions, sent e-mails, washed uniforms, collected monies, and planned parties. I have been a cheerleader, line judge, team mom, intercessor, and chauffeur. I have been communicated through, screamed at, bumped to, paid for, and spiked over.

And I have loved it!! But now I am done. And the two most wonderful words in the world to me would be "Mediterranean . . . . . vacation." Smile.

And I'd do it. Yes, I'd do it. Don't know where I think I'd get the money, but I'd soooooo do it. I'd march right over to some travel agency and book a flight to Greece and pack my bags.

Except for three words.

"JV . . . . . Basketball . . . . . Season."


And I will love it. Go Hurricanes!

1 comment:

  1. That image at the top is just wonderful. Enjoy your free time for the moment and maybe you could rent Mama Mia, eat some Moussaka and perhaps feel like you are in Greece for a couple of hours at least.