Thursday, August 20, 2009

Volleyball Season

(So sorry for the blurry pic. I mentioned many times during the game to the Man of the House that I could really have gotten some awesome pics if I had a digital SLR camera. He did not appear to be listening.)

Volleyball season is here! And with it comes hours on hard metal bleachers, stomach-churning matches, and long drives to locations all over North and South Carolina.

But I love this game! I love watching this game! I love watching Oldest Daughter play this game!

I love conversations that include words like "dig," "dink," and "dive." I love screaming my lungs out after a long rally that finally goes our team's way. I love the streak of pinky-red that crosses Oldest Daughter's cheeks when she's determined to win the point.

Yep, for the next 3 months you'll be able to recognize me by my stiff hip joints, hoarse voice, and the GPS clutched tightly in my right hand.

Go Hurricanes!


  1. I'm relating all the way on this post {and unfortunately so, on your cell phone mishap as well}....

    Hard bleachers. The shock of discovering how intense your emotions can become when your child plays a sport. But mostly, the pure thrill of it all. Priceless memories.

    Enjoyed your visit over at my place. And by the way, my studio used to be a closet here, a nook there, buckets shoved under beds, boxes living in the basement, etc. I would like to believe I paid my dues to be worthy of my own room. ha! All I know is that every time I walk through that door I get all giddy thinking "it's all mine!"

    Here's wishing the Hurricanes a winning season!

  2. That is awesome. Love that game too.
    We'll be doing that with girls basketball.

    Good luck to her and her team.


  3. Hey Shelley!!! These last two posts have been just histarical! I too played volleyball and oh! the memories... I have a scar on my chin from "diggin'" and man that thing hurt forever and took forever for the bruise to go away - So tell your girl watch her chin!! :)