Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Would You Like Paper or Plastic . . . or Cotton?

Time for a new knitting project. I think this will be fun and usable.

Don't you hate the guilt when you walk into Earth Fare or Whole Foods? The register monitors tell you:
Plastic bags will take 3,000 years to break down in our landfills.

It costs more to recycle and ship paper bags than it does to recycle plastic.

Plastic bags release toxins into the earth.

Ack! My solution is going to be soft and reusable and a beautiful golden yellow.

Here's the yarn:

And here's the pattern:


I think this will be fun, and it will make me smile every single time I walk by those monitors!



  1. this is SUCH a cool pattern. please post the finished product.

  2. YaY! So glad to see you make these grocery bags. They are really cute.
    I bring my own bags to the grocery store too. I have a hodgepodge of different kinds.
    This would be great for produce.


  3. oh shelly its lush!!! i've got a bright pink one of those but i didnt make it, my mother in law got it for me from marks and spencers, i think its nicer that your making yours!!! just imagine it filled with craft supplies or wine and chocolate, which would be best!! he he!! fliss xx

  4. That looks great! I'm popping it on my 'to do' list at once.

  5. Oh this is a great pattern! I hadn't noticed it anywhere before, but now I will definitely have to make one! Thanks for sharing it!