Monday, August 31, 2009


Today I'm dreaming.

Do you see this big comfortable leather chair with comfy pillow and blanket to pull around one's toes? I'm dreaming that I am totally by myself sitting right there. I'm dreaming that there's no dog hair caught in the pillow or floating around my head as I plunk down.

Do you see any cushions askew, any blocks sticking out from under the couch, a slingshot, dirty tennis ball, or stack of magic cards that need to be carried up to a bedroom? No, me neither. Because all is tidy and calm. Because I'm dreaming.

By my side is a big basket full of soft yarns. Do you hear any voices? No, I don't either. I'm all by myself and there's no one yelling, "Mom, what's wrong with my white shorts if I put them into the dirty basket wet and now they have black, fuzzy spots all over them?" There's no one interrupting me as I slip, purl, yarn over, and knit two together . . . calmly . . . over and over.

On the table beside me is a freshly made salad that I'm going to eat with no one picking out all the black olives.

And I've got a stack of books right beside my salad. Books I've tried to get to all summer. Books that have been inviting me to have a good, long visit for quite a while.

All is neat, all is quiet. I am alone. It is bliss.


And now that I have set up this scenario of blissful perfection, let me tell you what would happen approximately 30 minutes after I had achieved my "Nirvana."

I would become bored . . . and lonely . . . and irritable. And I would wish for the chaos and noise and mess that transform these walls from house to home.

Dreams are good . . . but only for dreaming. When it comes to living . . . give me reality!

Goodness . . . I love this life!


  1. This post made me smile.

    (However, if you possibly can, use that dream half-hour to dig into Home to Holly Springs-- I think Jan Karon took it to a whole new level in that one!_

  2. Love the look on your daughter's face... what was she up to? That salad made my mouth water - love how you made the pics really look like they were in a dream... infact, the boy is asleep and the hubby is working late - I think I... will... dream.

  3. Your dream does sound fantastic but you are right, reality is so much better!

  4. I like your stack of books - I am re-reading the top one and working through the second one. Hmmm. And - oh, the boys - that was our house growing up. Fun times.

  5. Aw, this is sweet. You're a good mama.

  6. Shelley,

    I know how much you love your life. I read about and feel that love in each and every one of your posts.

    I am also very familiar with that dream! Of course, in my world, it has never been a reality. And with just 2 of my children moved out, it seems way too quiet around here!

    Do get to the Jan Karon book, though. I have read and re-read her books so many times. She has a gift.

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  7. Shelly, your family look such fun, Im the same, when i cant sleep i like being able to craft in peace but i feel lonely too! its a shame we dont live close we could get two comfy chairs in a quiet corner, that would be fun!! fliss xx

  8. touche...i would not change it here either ...for the world....:)Love the chair though ..