Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunshine After Rain

Yesterday was a thick, muggy, blanket of a day. The kind of a day that only a person who has experienced a Southern summer can appreciate. And I find myself beginning to mutter words under my breath like, "sick of summer," and, "can't breathe in this heat," and, "if fall ever gets here."

So, we weren't surprised when the weather radio began to sound its alarm around nightfall, warning of severe thunderstorms and flash floods, swelling rivers and high winds.

It descended on us once all The Kiddos were calmly tucked in to bed and the dogs had buried their sleepy noses under their paws.

And descend it did. It rocked, it crashed, it exploded, it flashed, it drenched, it buffeted.

And this morning it is gone. And in its place is clear, fresh air and blue, blue skies with white, flossy clouds scudding across.

Drips falling from cherry tomatoes.

Water delightfully beading up on the deck The Sons and I just stained.

A magical mushroom pushing its way up.

And a million little crystal sparkles caught in the tangle of green morning grass.

And, excuse me, but was that just the slightest hint of a cool fall breeze I felt in the air?

Wait, wait.

Please, Fall, come when it's time, but I've still got kids in the pool and tomatoes ripening on the deck and sundresses and flip-flops in the closet.
Just kidding about the seasonal complaints! We're still soaking up the summer. Fall can wait!


  1. Oh Shelley, how lovely and yes,yes, yes, we are absolutely not done with summer yet!

  2. Great pictures Shelley, We're ready for a little relief here in Texas. Hottest summer on record for us.


  3. I loved those pictures! You got the storms the day after we did. I love Fall - it is my favorite, favorite season. And I am ready. We will be wearing flip flops in October, maybe November. But, this little tease of cooler weather has been wonderful. We were even able to walk the dog around last night and it felt good! Now, if it will just drop a few more degrees so that I can open the windows....