Sunday, August 16, 2009

Updo's, Braids, and Loops

Wouldn't you just love to have your own, personal hairdresser living right under your own roof, taking special "do" requests, making your hair look adorable every day?

Youngest Daughter lives in such lap of luxury. And blessed Oldest Daughter does her best to satisfy all hair desires of this child, as well as add some creative touches of her own.

Wanting the All-American-Girl-Next-Door look?

Then it's ponytails!

Needing a little elegance to go along with your brand, new summer sundress?

Introducing the elegant updo, featuring twists, flips, clips, and bows.

Wanting to add a little funky to your everyday ponytails?

Bring on loops!!

Just read Pippi Longstocking?

We're all about braids!

Can't decide what in the world to do with your hair today?

Leave it in the hands of the creative master, who comes up with the 3-in-1 triple braid.

I always knew I wanted a sister, and every day with these two reminds me exactly why!


  1. I loved doing my sisters' hair! I don't know that they liked it so much.. but I loved coming up with new ideas on new doos!! So sweet of your oldest daughter to take requests and ... be happy in her work at the same time! :) Lovely memories for all of you!

  2. What fun! My girls are not quite at that stage yet but it'll be so much fun when they are.

  3. Awwww. I loved it when my oldest daughter was still at home. She did her little sisters hair all the time. She still will, if they ask her.

    P.S. I always wanted a sister, too.

  4. Oh, Shelley, I wish I would have had a sister too. I had five brothers. Your daughters are just as pretty as their Mom.