Thursday, August 27, 2009

Geranium Love

I love geraniums!!

I didn't know I loved geraniums until this past week when I babysat three precious specimens for My Mom.

They sat in huge pots on my front porch, drank in blistering sun without complaining, and erupted in cheerful explosions of color, adding charm to the front of my house. Even their leaves are flirty.

What have I been thinking? Why hasn't this fun, hardy plant been part of my "landscape"? (I use the term "landscape" very loosely.)

I guess it took babysitting them and getting to know them to make me realize how much I need them!

I've heard that can happen with babies and puppies. Apparently, it's also the case with geraniums.


  1. Me too! We have a lemon geranium which was given to us on our wedding day, we have taken cuttings continually, and have had lots of baby plants over the years! It is a lovely plant, smelling of lemons and with tiny lilacy coloured flowers. :)

  2. Geraniums are my favorite plant. They just give and give. They last thru the winters here in Texas. I give them a little bit of shade and they give me a show almost year round.


  3. Lovely photos, Shelley and I really like your boat banner!

  4. I'm a recent convert too - I actually used to detest them! Now I see them all over the place here - especially in window boxes and they look gorgeous- so vibrant!