Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things to Delight The Heart of a Five Year-Old

Glitter shoes from the consignment store:

Destroying the competition in a fast-paced game of Kitty Memory:

Black olives on all five fingers:

Blowing bubbles at a wedding:

Six candles on a plate of cupcakes . . . celebrating that you're five no longer:

Happy Birthday, Youngest Daughter!


  1. Yay for the mom who goes to the consignment store. Those stores are the best and kept my kids clothed for years. Now they are so on to me and won't let me buy stuff. (my 14 yr old especially) When I tell them I got them something today, they look at me suspiciously and ask me where I got it from before they get excited. haha.
    Happy birthday to your beautiful little sweetie.
    Hooray for Six!


  2. What happened to "Happy Birthday, Mama" on the day before?! Well, I celebrated anyway. Love,