Monday, January 20, 2014

A Little Oomph - Rice Krispy Treats w/ White Chocolate Drizzle

Okay . . . this is SO something anybody could think of.

But it was not something that I had thought of.

And when I saw it online, I knew it had to happen for a recent shower for which I made some food.

That "something" is the addition of white chocolate drizzle to the very pedestrian and quite uninspiring Rice Krispy Treat.

Here are the Rice Krispy Treats pre-drizzle.


Here is the magic ingredient:

I threw a bar into the double boiler and once it was all smooth and melty, I added just a tinge of red paste food coloring to give it just a hint of pink (baby girl shower!!)

Then I drizzled it over the bars.  It added a little color, it took them up a notch!

And as my lovely college daughter said, "You wouldn't think a little chocolate would make these so much better!!

She was right!  Do try!

(Also, Ann from On Sutton Place posted a recipe for Perfect Rice Krispy Treats that use marshmallow cream instead of marshmallows.  That could be my next step up for these simple, chewy, delights!)


  1. Why do we love these treats so much? Now I love this idea...I have made them with brown butter...give it a go you will never go back. All you do is brown the butter in a pan on the stove top before using....really and truly they are the best. Now maybe we can combine your recipe with mine and sell it to the world! xoxox hugs.