Sunday, January 26, 2014


I've found my word for 2014.

I wasn't going to even pick one.  If a word doesn't come up from the inside to define what I hope my year to be, then for goodness sake, don't force it.  Who wants a "word" for the sake of a "word."

But finally it did come bubbling up and bursting out, and that word is . . .

S I M P L E.

Because when it comes to all things life, I will inevitably go for whatever is the most complicated, most amazing, most impressive, and that results in . . . most stressful.

That could be forced to work when I had unlimited time and energy (aka, single and childless!!), but now that I have limited resources by virtue of LIFE (!!), I am realizing that every single time I go for complicated, amazing and impressive, I am going to be cheating another critical area of my life . . . spouse, children, ministries, friends, creativity, or (for goodness sake) keeping my house clean!!


In real time, choosing simple looks like:

Choosing to make simple and quick Italian Chicken Rice Soup for company,
 instead of Braised Brisket in Bourbon Peach Glaze


or crocheting a Simple Scarf,
instead of leaping into making the Most Gorgeous Throw I've Ever Seen.


Or being content with Simple, Real Flowers in Bottles on the shower table, 
without having to add an Explosion of Handmade Tissue Blossoms up above.


I must remember that saying "No!" to complicated, amazing and impressive is always saying "Yes!" to peace, love and sanity.

And all by focusing on what is . . .


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  1. I think there is such beauty to be found in simplicity...