Monday, March 30, 2009


I love my "fives." In a family with five children, I often find groups of fives that represent my kids and warm my heart with thankfulness for the "fives" in my life.

(Five lunch boxes stand ready at the door for co-op day.)

(Five portraits of newborns in a vintage christening gown.)

(Five piles of laundry waiting for Kiddos to get their hind ends down stairs and get them folded!)

(Five silhouettes at sunset)

(Five charms to wear over my heart)


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  2. sweet, Shelley! I loved looking at all your "5's"! Once again your blog put a smile on my face. I prayed for your "7" today! Love ya - Bonita

  3. Beautiful! Shelley ~ your photography is so poetic! Love your sweet baby pictures on the wall. The 5 lunch boxes lined up at the door, each so individual, are really charming :o)
    Thank you for making me smile today

  4. I, too, have five. It rocks my world when one or more is missing at a friends house or whatever. I am constantly counting! And you know what irks me? When I can't find the 10 count of hot dogs! Have you been there?