Friday, March 6, 2009

Twirling and Dancing

Ooooh, did I have fun yesterday afternoon!!

To fully explain, I must back up and tell you that there once was a time when I could dress Oldest Daughter in long, smocked florals, little Mary Janes, hot pink capris, grosgrain ribbons, and twirly skirts. And then she turned 10 . . . and 12 . . . and 14, and along the way we lost every bit of the bows and the flowers and the twirls, until presently I find on my hands a 16 year-old that wears jeans and tee-shirts and jeans and tee-shirts and jeans and tee-shirts. And for goodness sake nothing in a print!

To my great delight, then, I still have a 5 year-old Youngest Daughter who adores dresses, dances while trying on skirts with ruffles, giggles over bright colors, and thinks my fashion sense is impeccable.

And boy did we giggle over bright colors at the consignment sale yesterday afternoon!! We giggled over them and tried them on and scooped them up by the handful. And we came home with the most mouth-wateringly delicious fabrics to be found. (And, might I add, for 1/5 of the price of retail!!)

Just look at these pinks and oranges and melons:

And what about these delightfully sherbet-like blues, greens, and aquas.

Mmmmmm, someone hand me a spoon!

And what does a five year-old do when she loses herself in her colorful, ruffle-ful, girly-ful clothes?

She dances!


  1. Hello
    I've only just arrived.
    Gorgeous clothes! very well modelled by the graceful Shelley. I agree, those colours look delicious enough to eat. You have a very lovely blog here.

  2. Love all those colors!!!!! Thank God for sweet little girls.