Thursday, March 19, 2009

Needles, Cotton Yarn, and One's Own Hands

Mr. "Brooklyn Tweed" would laugh. That would be Mr. "Brooklyn Tweed" who spins his own yarn, designs his own knitting patterns, knocks them out in a week, and photographs in such a way that his creations seem to be not quite of this common world. Yes, Mr. "Brooklyn Tweed" would be downright tickled. And I'm okay with that. Because I am proud! I have finished yet another of my humble dishcloths and am beginning to feel quite at home with the simple knitting concepts of knitted "lace." Very simple knitting concepts, I might add. It's not stunning and it's not perfect, but it's mine!

After this, I'm going to do a couple more dishcloths, and then I'm going to move on to something a little more exciting . . . to me. I'll show you when I decide what that will be.

In the meantime, I'm going to wipe counters with this and clean glasses with this and polish my sink with this and marvel every time I hold it that it came from 2 needles, a $1.50 ball of yarn and my hands. Why does it feel so dadgum good to have created something?

Come to think of it, Mr. "Brooklyn Tweed" had to start somewhere too. He might smile at my excitement over a knitted cotton dishcloth . . . but I think he'd understand.

(By the way, you can find the pattern for this dishcloth here.)


  1. So nice to meet you! And I enjoyed your posts-well done on the dishcloth- no imperfections noticed by me-that's for sure.
    Thank you for responding to my question on Attic24.
    I will check out those sites, yet I still wonder how many ounces it takes to make one of those bags...Oh what a pain I am! Right now, I have one of our own creatures nudging my arm as I try to type. (He is pictured in my very first post.) Harley wants his walk very badly, and the last thing I want is to experience what you did! Thank you again for your response.

  2. That's too good to be a dishcloth!
    Hope you have a fab. weekend

  3. Hi Shelley - Hugs to you for the kind words on my blog! Your cloth is stunning - what a great color and beautiful pics really show it off. Love your pups - they are really heart melters. I saw somewhere (can't remember where unfortunately) a blog that was called knitting without dog hair is not an option or something like that. Cracked me right up! My cat is the one that insists on sitting on my lap when I knit, so I am sure every single project I make has a few Cloudy hairs in it! And I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

  4. Hi Shelley,
    Thank you for such kind and wonderful words on my new blog. Beautiful dishcloth!!! And if you haven't read it need to read "Free-Range Knitter" by the Yarn Harlot :) It is excellent too.

  5. I love the pattern on this dishcloth and I did not notice one imperfection. I am but a humble knitter myself. I think I might make a couple of these for myself.

  6. I love this dishcloth! Thank you for giving us the link to the pattern, I'm going to start my one tonight! :)