Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day!!

Could there be any two more delightful and rare words to a Southern kid? SNOW! DAY! And I don't just mean any typical Southern snow . . . that icy light dusting that we scoop up and try and make into pathetic little crusty snowballs that fall apart in your mittened hands. Oh, no, this was a good snow, a great big white globs in the trees kind of snow. A fly down the hill on a sled and tumble into a whole bank of powdery, crunchy wetness kind of snow. Four whole inches of frigid fun laying thick on the ground, just waiting for a kid to:

Try out a snowboard,

Careen down a hill, fly up over your brother's skateboard

ramp and narrowly miss a dousing in the small creek,

Join the neighborhood snowball fight,

Feel the freedom of cold wind rushing against your face and frozen

earth skimming under your knees

Taste clumps of mud, ice, and ornamental grasses

on your way facefirst downhill,

Become inexplicably petulant and refuse to sled,

walk in, touch or look at snow

And what's a snow day without snow day treats:

Turtle brownies

And homemade hot chocolate.

The neighborhood boys were amazed that hot chocolate could be made from scratch. They couldn't believe how yummy it was. They drank it down and then made requests 3 more times in the subsequent days for homemade hot chocolate.

And what do you do on a Snow Day if you're 16, just got over the stomach flu, and are way too grown up to ride your cousin's borrowed snow board down a steep hill and up over your brother's skateboard ramp? You offer to play Stardoll on the computer with your petulant little sister. (Thanks, Sweetie!)

Well, we won't see a Snow Day THIS great for another decade! Happy Snow Day Everyone!

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  1. I really like this post. I live in Somerset England. It's the first time in years we've had a really good snow, the local kids have really enjoyed it. My brother in London (they had it there too) said he went to one park that was crowded with snowmen and snowcats ans snowdogs, he said it was such an amazing sight. Those Brownies look scrumptious, did you bake them yourself? I am very much liking your blog :o)
    warm wishes