Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Naughty Dogs

Meet Chase:

Meet Husker:

Our two dogs. On normal days, on normal weeks, man's best friend, defender of the property, comforter in sorrow, salt of the earth. On normal days rules are remembered . . . rules like where to sleep (your own threadbare dog bed) and where to pee (outside).

But not this week. No, this week rules were forgotten, guidelines abandoned, authority trashed.

The first was a minor, albeit appalling, infraction that could be overlooked.

What is this?? A dog on a couch?? An absolute no-no in our house!! This scoundrel was taking advantage of my being out of the room and jumped up to comfort Middle Son in his hour of distress . . . stomach flu.

The comfort was obviously noticed . . . appreciated . . . enjoyed. This transgression was motivated by love. This can be forgiven.

The next infraction, however, pushed all boundaries of grace and unconditional dog love. The incident began innocently enough with a visit from My Mom. My Mom who pet sits for a living. My Mom who smells (to the canine nose) like many and varied dogs and cats. My Mom who entered Husker's front door with the smell (to the canine nose) of many varied invading and marauding dogs and cats. It was not to be tolerated. Husker greeted her and all the invading and marauding smells at the front door and immediately knew what he had to do. Mark his territory. Tell all the smells and the visions and feelings they conjured up who was boss, who lived here, and the boundaries of his domain. So, he lifted his leg and marked. All over my curtains. All over my custom . made . dry . clean . only . silk . curtains.

Rules have now been remembered, guidelines restored, authority re-established. Grace is given. He is, after all, only a dog with the need to enforce his territory. He knows he was wrong, the guilty face says it all.

He is still loved.

And now I'm off to the dry cleaners.


  1. it's always a shock to realize that something that looks SO sweet, could be SO naughty!

  2. What a blessed, naughty sweetie!

    Your curtains are lovely!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Great to see another SC girl in the blogosphere!

  3. Chase and Husker are such beauties, I love the picture of chase cuddled up on the sofa and the bottom one of Husker looking so adorable. How lucky you are to have those two :o)
    I'm having a very special week over at skipping in the meadow with an Eastery tutorial and a 'giveaway'. would love you to come and join in the fun
    Sumea x

  4. Hey Shell! THis made me laugh and laugh! I love your stories. It's really a bright spot in my day to read your blog! Hey, would you want to make just one more dishcloth for a friend?! I would be honored! Love ya, Bonita