Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bliss in Ethereal White

I found delight and inspiration tonight between the pages of a magazine cover. I found page after page of a house dressed up all in white and accented with snow white knitting. ::Sigh::

Now, let me hasten to say that not one of these pages would work in any room of my house. No, my home is decorated in saturated deep red and warm, soft golds and deep mahogany leathers and touches of earthy, mossy greens. But this house, this between-the-pages-of-the-magazine-cover house, is a house I can live in in my dreams.

In my dreams I can live in an old farmhouse that has white-washed wood floors and a long pine table where we pull up creamy, distressed ladder-back chairs and white organza curtains billow at the windows and giant bunches of snowy hydrangeas sit up on the mantlepiece.

There are four reasons why this house only exists in my dreams:

l. Children,
2. Pets (namely one shedding golden retriever and one muddy shepherd mix),
3. Dirt,
4. My inability to ever get #1-3 completely under control.

No, a snow white house is not a good mix with these 4 factors. But I can dream. Oh, I can dream!

These fabulous pics came from Vogue Knitting Presents Debbie Bliss. I can only imagine what multiple skeins of pure white cotton yarn would look like after living on in my house for 6 months as I attempted to complete an entire coverlet! But isn't it pure joy to look at??!!


  1. Love your blog. And that all white deco is awesome...but I'm like you, only in my dreams. Take care and enjoy life as it comes...Belinda

  2. I hve the exact same problems living with white is an impossibility, but dreaming of it........ah!

  3. oh, i am dreaming right along with you on this!!! so pretty, so dreamy, so impossible...

  4. I absolutely adore this magazine (yes I know there are now only 2 issues out, but I own both).