Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool's Day

My household, my little World of Domestic Bliss, had some tricks up its sleeve for the first day of April. I should have known when I glanced at the calendar that promised April to be a month of spring, a month of blue skies, a month of sunshine and then looked out the window.

"April Fool's!" the weather and calendar shouted together. Grey skies, heavy, foggy clouds, rain, rain, rain. Who says spring has come?

Nothing like a plate of toasty Belgian waffles to perk up the morning, bring a smile to the Kiddos' faces, warm up tummies. You know my Belgian waffle maker? The one that promised on the box, "Non-stick Surface, Perfect Waffles Every Time"?

"April Fool's" it snickered as it held tight to both sides of the waffle, ripping it apart and burning chocolate chips in the process. I tried several more attempts, but it was serious. "April Fool's" every time, producing waffles that did not yield smiles, warmth, or perkiness.

All was still for a while in my little World of Domestic Bliss until afternoon bath time for Youngest Daughter.

She swam, she flipped, she rolled in the bath, loving the warm water. But dadgum if there wasn't a dirty spot on the side of the tub that she wanted to clean off. I found her in the tub, scrubbing away at the spot with a wad of toilet paper large enough to clean off the entire tub, the sinks and mirrors, and most of the tile floor. I sweetly instructed her, "Now, don't put that toilet paper in the tub. It will disintegrate and be a real mess." I thought she was listening. Her wide open eyes and acknowledging smile told me she was listening. "April Fool's!" When I went back to the bathtub, the entire mound had been dunked, disintegrated (as it is meant to do) and was now floating thickly in a semi-solid mass near the top of the water. I sure hope Liquid Plumber Maxx can do a work on the drain.

My vacuum cleaner? The one that promised a "unique filtration method that ensures maximum vacuum power through Cyclonic Filtration Technology"? "April Fool's!" it chuckled. No vacuum power today. I can tell from the sound and suction that there is a clog of something stuck somewhere in the central vac system, somewhere in the walls of the house . . . somewhere.

It is 11:30 p.m. My domestic world has gotten in all its trickery for the day. Only 1/2 hour left of the day. All members of the household asleep, house dark and peaceful, dogs curled up in tight ovals on their beds. I tiptoe to the computer. I can have a half hour all to myself. I take a deep, delicious breath to breathe in the stillness. "Mooooommmmmmmmmyyyyyy!!" Wild sobbing. "My ear hurts! My ear hurts and hurts!!"

You thought all was peaceful, still, and quiet? Ha, one last "April Fool's" from my World of Domestic Bliss. Youngest Daughter with an ear infection.

Turn the computer off, pull out rememdies, cuddle down inside the little twin bed still fully dressed, read books, sing songs.

Okay, you got me this year, but it's midnight and this day is over. No more trickery for a full year!!

Yeah, right!


  1. Oh I laughed so much reading this post, really had tears rolling down my face. That is like my everyday (let alone April 1st). Bless your little one though, hope her poor little ear is better soon.

  2. Oh Shelley, what a day. I hope there have been better ones since and that sweet faced little girl is all better.