Monday, April 20, 2009

Flat Rock Village Bakery

Nestled in the North Carolina mountains is the quaint little village of Flat Rock---historic and charming. And on the main street of this quaint little town is an artsy, gift-y, quirky shop called The Wrinkled Egg.

It has a wide porch for rocking on summer afternoons and enjoying mountain breezes, while the lowlands stifle and poach in the heat.

The bright geranium flower beds

and vintage bike with basket overflowing with funky flowers give you a little, tantalizing tease of the fun to be found inside the shop.

BUT if you go to the back of the store, ah, that's where you find the real treasure.

And not just ANY bakery but :

And, indeed, not just any bakery at all but my brother's bakery!!

Can anyone explain to me how this can be? How one minute your brother is an annoying junior high kid at whom you threw a phone because he was sneaking around hiding behind the couch while you were telling your best friend that you were in love with Mike, and the next moment he's this amazing adult man who up and starts this fabulous bakery that all of Flat Rock, Hendersonville and the surrounding area are raving about!! Wow!

So, that's exactly where the Kiddos and I headed the end of last week for a day of spring break. I love leaving the "city" behind and climbing up into the mountains, where the air feels fresher and the lifestyle more satisfying on many levels.

Here's the hand-built brick oven where the Flat Rock Village Bakery bakes up its organic, artisan, wood-fired breads that are its specialty.

And some of the mountain of wood that it takes to keep it going.

My ultra-talented sister-in-law did all the design and execution of mosaic tabletops, murals, faux-finished walls, and fun signs all around.

Her painting of my brother hangs in the bakery, depicting him working the brick oven.

She even made the bathrooms fun!!

We started our morning in Flat Rock off with some of the signature scones, fresh strawberry and cream tart, and a banana nut muffin. I have been known to eat one scone and a mocha first thing in the morning and not be hungry for the rest of the day!

After a morning of seeing The Cousins, clambering over rocks, and exulting in mountain meadows with expansive views of the towns below, it was back to the Bakery again for lunch. We can't leave Flat Rock without indulging in the brick oven pizza.

We sat on the back deck under a huge magnolia tree and munched away on the best pizza I've ever tasted.

Look at this slice: pesto, sun-dried tomato, artichoke, goat cheese, topped with fresh basil. (There are no words for this!)

Then, with table brushed off, trash tossed, and cousins hugged we headed back down the mountain with full tummies, contented hearts, and a little of the mountain air still invigorating our spirits.


  1. Shelley, this is an awesome post. You did your brother a great tribute, and your photos were fantastic.

  2. Wow!!! What a super talented family you have. The breads and pizza look wonderful and the paintings are great. What a marvelous bakery. I wish I didn't live so far away, I'd love to visit it.
    My mothers family were bakers too

  3. I have two words: Road Trip! How I wish I lived closer......I'd leave right now.

    What a truly fab place! I am sure your brother is so happy you told everyone how proud you are of him and his wife. They have created such a sweet spot (pun intended) in NC and everyone should hear about it!

  4. We LOVE Flat Rock! I like knowing your family's piece of it.

  5. I HAVE to visit there next time I'm in NC. Thanks for telling us about it - how neat it is that your brother and his wife opened up their own bakery. Not only do the baked goods look yummy (that chocolate chip scone has my name on it) but your sis-in-law is a talented painter, too. Definite road trip coming....