Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Warning to Boys Ages 5-18

I would just like to put out a warning to any boys that may be reading my blog, since I know there are many here . . . fascinated by the cooking, planting, and homemaking in my life.

Here is the warning:

IF you and your brother happen to decide to play hide and seek while your mother is not home and she has told you to be working hard on your chores and homework,

And IF you are sneaking around up on the catwalk, trying to get back to "base" before said brother catches you,

And IF he comes up behind you and thwarts the escape you are planning down the stairs,

And IF you decide instead to swing your leg over the railing,

Shimmy down to the top of the pillar,

Jump down to the top of your mother's beautiful English terrarium,

And from there, pop down to the floor, all the while making a brilliantly strategic move to get to "base" before your annoying brother,

THEN you will find that you may just have cracked the top of the pillar

Threatening to pull the very house down upon your shoulders

Horrifying and stressing yourself

And causing your parents to question the honesty and sanity of the people who told them "children will keep you young forever."

(Yes, I addressed this post to boys because my girls would never have dreamed of such a stunt. But if you know any girls likewise tempted, please feel free to pass along.)


  1. Oh dear. :) So THIS is what I have to look forward to, huh. I will have to save this for future reference. Yikes.

  2. Oh my goodness Shelley!
    Mind you at this distance the culprit does look rather sweet and Tom Sawyerish.
    I had a lovely thing happened to me earlier this afternoon. I was looking out at the little cotton puff clouds floating in the blue sky here, when I thought wouldn't it be lovely to have a heart shaped cloud to photograph. About a second after thinking that a heart-shaped cloud formed right in front of my eyes. God must have been winking at me.
    I will put the photo up on my blog after the holiday.

  3. That's what comes of calling your son Samson, maybe?

    I dread to think what happened to the terrarium.

    A Boy

  4. Is your son the long-lost brother of my son? The 6' 5" one? Because, wow, they sure do think alike.

    I hope you get your pillar fixed. And, most especially, I am glad your son is okay after his climb!

  5. Oh my! I hope it doesn't cost too much to get that column fixed.
    But what scares me most is that could be my one year old daughter in a few years...the climbing, dare devil that she is...gotta run and get her off the top of a chair.

  6. Wow, that was a long way down! Did the shimmier realize he got caught in the act? I can see one of my boys trying this exact same thing....

  7. I have been out of the loop for a few weeks and am now back. I am having such fun looking over your blog as to what I have missed! I have one of these at our house also!
    He was in a toddler bed at 12 mos because I couldn't keep the little climber in his crib. We put a baby gate in his doorway to keep him in his room all night, and he climbed that too! I am so glad we live in a one-story home or who knows! It amazes me that the height doesn't bother them!