Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Projects

Isn't it nice when time opens up on the weekend to do SOMETHING creative?

That is, something other than create a grocery list, create piles of darks, lights, and whites, or create vacuum lines in the carpet!! (Although in a pinch I'll even take those creativities!)

So, I was so happy that this weekend included a few creative endeavors!!
Youngest Daughter and I painted some wooden letters for her wall:

I almost finished another dish cloth!

And I made this deliciously yummy lemon cake for My Mom's birthday. Perfect Lemon Cake. (Happy Birthday, Mom!!)

A very satisfying weekend, to say the least!

1 comment:

  1. The letters are so pretty! Isn't it wonderful when you realize that there might just be some weekend time for the creative stuff that you really wish you could do more of? I am always extremely happy when I find that time...
    But you baked a cake too??? Happy birthday to your mom!
    I can't believe that you use those handmade items as DISHCLOTHS!!! Remember when we went back and forth a bit about Lucy's tote bag? I bought some yarn, then took a closer look at her pattern. LOL! I have to have a friend go over it woth me! Maybe next week- after Easter.