Friday, April 10, 2009


How utterly sweet is this! My (dear) Mom has been coming over to the house for about 6 months now and starting Youngest Daughter on her learning. So, here they are, arm over arm, hand over hand learning to write the number "3," (which right now is looking more like a worm you found on the sidewalk than the number "3"!)

My Mom gives Youngest Daughter several hours of her time a week, learning sounds, gluing, writing letters, learning numbers, and, best of all, reading books together, with Youngest Daughter perched on her lap (where all books are best read).

And, as a result My Mom is knitting Youngest Daughter's heart together with her own in a special relationship that only Grandmas and little girls can have. Thanks, Mom!


  1. Grandmothers are so special ... I miss mine each and every day. We used to do so much together!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. what a beautiful thing!!! so sweet.

  3. What a special relationship they are building! My children only have one grandparent left and that is my mother. She lives in an apartment in my downstairs, but isn't involved much with my girls. You are so fortunate.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.