Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Neighbors

We had good neighbors. No . . . we had great neighbors. Can you imagine? Into imperfect life, God brought PERFECT neighbors. The house next door to us sat empty for 6 months, and we prayed . . . hard! We prayed for great neighbors and God brought them, boy did He bring them!

They had 4 boys interspersed throughout the ages of our Three Boys. Their mother had a rule that from waking on Monday until completion of school on Friday there was to be no game station or TV and so they played outside!!
In the first week the Three Boys were fast friends, Oldest Daughter was involved in the neighborhood kickball games they started, and even Youngest Daughter was shyly trailing along behind their five year-old. Three years of perfect neighbors.

And then . . . they moved. Can you believe it? God up and moved them and they were gone, along with Friday night double sleepovers, scooter races, and cul-de-sac kickball.

And now new neighbors are moving in. And I'm peeking covertly through the blinds. In my head I'm sure they'll be good neighbors, but in my heart I'm just feeling downright grouchy.

What are these new people doing in Perfect Neighbors' house? I'm feeling like they're going to be the Worst Neighbors in the whole world. Humph!!


  1. I so hope they turn out to be good. I'm sure your previous neighbours loved living next door to you too, I certainly would! Wishing you all the best

  2. We did, Sumea! Our four boys are still going through withdrawal. The two youngest ask monthly "Why can't we move back?" not quite understanding that their dad's daily commute from SC to Texas might be a bit much.... Shelley, all seven of you are missed tremendously. Can't wait to see you this summer!