Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Gravelly Taste of Eating One's Own Words

Periodically (more often than is comfortable) I find myself "eating my words." And even after repeated opportunities, it has never begun to taste any better. ::sigh::

I am quite confident that God allows this to happen to make sure that my sanctimonious, smug little self stays in check . . . under control.

So, it was no surprise that the end of April found me, once again, enjoying the gravelly mouthful.

I have always looked askance at kindergarten graduations, thinking them gratuitous, ridiculous, and a thinly veiled excuse for a heart-tugging Kodak moment.

That was until this year.

Until Youngest Daughter's kindergarten class participated in this exact event.

Until the Thursday night which found me pinning a pale blue mortar board on her little head, glowing ecstatically as she reached out for her "diploma," and jostling other parents for the best spot in which to photograph our little scholars.

At that moment kindergarten graduation became a precious transitional moment; a not-to-be-forgotten sweet marking of growing up; a time to feel my parental heart swell with the love and joy this little one brings.

(Guess who has a 6'5" dad???)

Eating your own words . . . a little hard on the digestion . . . wonderful for the continual pursuit of a humble heart!


  1. Shelley, Tugging at my heartstrings...! I could attend kindergarten graduations across the world without knowing any child involved! Such a special memory for you and your family. Love the photos you've captured of your daughter. xo Sue

  2. That is so sweet. Hezekiah is the tallest in his class too. My husband is 6'5 as well. Crack me up. Maybe we should arrange a marriage?? Anyhow, I cannot believe Kindergarten is over for the year and in 12 days I will have a 1st grader. Crazy!

  3. She is SO much taller - that is awesome. Very cute! and I gotcha! I've been trying lately to just keep it shut! It's always better that way... but so much harder :)

    Hugs, The lady