Monday, May 10, 2010

The Exuberant Play of Children

Since becoming a mother a full 17 years ago, I would have to say that there is nothing that quite matches the joy of watching my children play. Something about their uninhibited exuberance, their creativity, their freedom from cares makes me smile ear to ear and gets my heart doing all kinds of crazy mom-palpitations.

This particular day, they invented the Water Park Trampoline in which a hose is brought to the trampoline, it's turned on, and the games ensue: games such as Jump the Water, Who Can Slip and Slide the Farthest on the Wet Mat, and How Long Can You Stand Having the Water Sprayed in Your Face Before You Go Tell Mom.

May I insert here two caveats?

Number one - Please do not turn me in to the Department of Social Services because of the unsafe nature of this trampoline. I am well aware that the net is disintegrating and there is a hole the size of a dinner plate in the center of the mat. You'll feel better when I post about a new purchase later this week.

Number two - Please do not turn me in to my neighborhood Homeowner's Association because of the ragged, eyesore condition of this trampoline. I am well aware that our trampoline is an embarrassment to the neighborhood and probably brings down everyone's property value a full $25,000. This concern will also be addressed later this week.

In the meantime, let me just blissfully enjoy that heady combination of brilliant sunshine; icy cold water; bouncing, flipping bodies; and the delicious, happy shrieks of delighted children.

Unless you're only 6 . . .

and everyone tells you you're not big enough . . .

and when you get on anyway, you get sprayed in the face . . .

and so you get off . . .

and feel you are the most mistreated child . . .

in the whole, wide world.

Then, it's not so delicious, happy, or delightful.


  1. I can understand that you love and enjoy watching your kids at play, but I could never relax with a trampoline in my back yard. My brother-in-law has one and the kids come up with all kinds of creative games. They have a garbage pail full of balls and throw them all on the trampoline. Then they jump and whomever touches a ball is out. And lots of other things involving water, and flipping summersaults and whatever...They have lots of fun and get lots of healthy exercise, but it makes me so nervous - I just can't watch.

  2. Fun!!! I think I want to try that game now! But my luck I would fall in the hole and could not get out! Crack me up! It just shows they have had some good times and it has been well worth it's money! :) Enjoy!

  3. FUN photos, Shelley! It is very heartwarming to see siblings all playing together. Such fun memories that they will replay and reminise over for years to come. {Hope your kids are not reading, but adding dishwashing soap to the hose mix was an all-time favorite in our old 'hood. Makes it really slippery and sends mothers' hearts gasping for air when they first happen upon the scene! Not to mention the part about having to administer first aid for soap in the eyes!} Thanks for a good smile and a chance to relive old memories of my own of days gone by!

  4. looks like the kiddies had a wonderful time, thats what its all about, loved the photos!

  5. It's nice to have warm weather. You wouldn't be doing that in our part of the country, where we didn't make it out of the 50's most of this week and last, not to mention the nine inches of snow in the western part of the state. It pays to be young. Enjoy being a kid.

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