Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm No Bird!

Nests have been everywhere this spring . . . and I don't just mean in the trees. I mean in home decor shops and little boutiques and accessorizing the plate glass window displays of clothing stores. And I just couldn't get enough of them!! Maybe it's because my mom is such a bird lover, and the sight of a nest touches a soft place in my heart.

I wanted to use them on my spring table, but, no, I did not want to pay $30 for one. So, I set off for the woods. How hard could it be to put together a nest? A few twigs, a bit of moss, and a sturdy hot glue gun . . . piece of cake!

I quickly found out . . . I'm no bird!! And glue guns don't lend themselves to nest-making. I could've watched the birds to find out that!

What did finally work was to cut a rather pliable vine from out of a tree and wind it around, weaving it in and out of itself and hoping that by some miracle it would catch on itself and stay in a circular shape.

I did see a small cluster of female robins giggling hysterically at me. It was embarrassing.

The resulting "nest" wouldn't have held an egg or protected a small cluster of bird babies for anything in the world. But it worked for my purposes.

I nestled a little Spanish moss in my nest frame and called it a day.

The real treasure is these beautiful ceramic eggs that I found at TJ Maxx months before Easter. I love them! They match my house perfectly! They are the size of a good-sized chicken egg. I made three of my un-bird-like nests and "nestled" two of the eggs in each.

Bees and stylistic sunflowers:

A little American calico print teamed up with something Moroccan!

Beautiful chocolate flowers on a green and blue polka-dot background, and butterflies on mottled orange:

Another trick I swiped from my local cute gift-y store was to display the nests up on pillar candle holders. These candle holders were then set on burlap with swoop-y pieces of the vine laying here and there.

I loved how these turned out for Easter dinner, and so, they are also now my table for spring.
I may not be a bird, but this spring I've got my nests!


  1. You're back! So good to read your posts again! And your creativity is alive and well in written form and in nest-making form! Love your nests! - Ellie

  2. These are fantastic! What a great find at TJ. The burlap runner ties the whole presentation together so nicely. I love how you do these seasonal displays on your dining room table. You're building such sweet memories for your family [whether they realize it or not] with these special little touches.

  3. LOVE those eggs! Awesome stuff girl!