Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lime Granita and Split Pea Soup

When I applied my super-dependable-give-a-luminous-glow tanning lotion to my legs on Sunday and promptly turned out with light orange feet and snow white legs, it should have been an indication to me that this was not the week to do much with color. (The children asked if I had been walking in red mud . . . by any chance.)

Not to be deterred, however, Oldest Daughter and I had plans to attack the powder room downstairs and make it a little work of art for any guest who might use it.

I love the colors in my home. They are earthy and organic, with bold pops of rich red here and there. I really love it. But I wanted something "different" for my guest bath. Something a little bold and whimsical.

(This is NOT my bathroom but rather a picture from Sherwin-Williams which gives you an idea of the color. Minus the "apricot" towels!!)
The powder room was, this morning, the aforesaid "rich red" which although inviting in large open spaces had a slightly different effect in a 7 foot by 2 1/2 foot powder room. Every time I entered, I felt like the Biblical Shadrach and friends who entered the fiery furnace . . . closed in . . . and very, very warm.
Oldest Daughter suggested "pear" with black accents. Cool!! Bold, whimsical, yes!

I taped-off, she painted.

She finished.

I sat stunned. The paint chip looked so good in my hand, but in this little enclosed space, my elegant "Lime Granita" became a budget brand of shocking lime sherbet.

(Once again, a Sherwin-Williams "color visualization" picture.)

I Googled "lime green walls with black accents" to try and find a picture to show me how to elegantly rescue this room and found out that the lime and black color scheme is usually used for teenager's bedrooms. Aha.

Back to the drawing board.

Here's my table piled high with "greens I love" to hopefully give me something more of the soothing green variety.
The word spa came to mind.

I chose a calm, organic green.
I taped off.
She sighed . . . and painted.

When I peeked in just a minute ago, my calm, organic green had become more of a split pea soup green . . . minus the ham.

There's just something about painting a tiny space where color is reflected like crazy and no outside light enters that just throws the color wheel for a loop.

Ah, well. I must say that I have always found split pea soup rather . . . uh . . . uh . . . relaxing and, well, soothing.

And maybe it will coordinate nicely with my light orange feet.
(More details to come!)


  1. Did you actually paint the bathroom three times?! I'm usually very conservative with colour choices. Then once in a while I tell myself to step out of my comfort zone and make a little more daring choice - and so far whenever I have done that, I have regretted it. I like the soothing, relaxing earth tones. They just make me feel sooo good! I'm trying to imagine what your split pea soup colour looks like - yellowy green, or green peas kind of green? Good luck with all your cleaning, purging and re-decorating!

  2. You are tooooooo funny, Shelley! Thanks for a good laugh...relating all too well to both the paint and the tinted feet stories. Sure like the looks of all the inspiration going on in your last photo.

  3. We have a red spare bathroom. It is like a country red, but we have a window. It was lavender for a long time, and my husband did not like it so now it is red. My 2nd child loves it b/c red is his favorite color.