Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Need of Some Nature

Yesterday, my kids were in need of the out of doors!! They may not have realized it, but I knew it!! Too much time indoors or on concrete and blacktop. Too much time looking at walls and breathing recycled air. We needed nature . . . and bad!!

A favorite place to head on days where we're in need of a good dose of nature is Furman University. So, the van was packed up with lunch and a variety of scooters, bikes, roller blades, and trikes, and we were off.

One of the highlights of Furman is their beautiful lake around which a trail winds through meadows, woods, and over small creeks.

We ate our lunch at the outdoor amphitorium with its ascending, grassy seating.

Lunch was interspersed with scootering and racing and even the delightful discovery of a turtle.

And then the walk around the lake began. Lungs filled with fresh air. Young, strong legs zoomed off, pedaling, running, rollerblading.

There were bridges to whisk over.

Oh, wait, look below, a little creek. Off come the shoes. Bare feet stretch toward mossy rocks, gurgling water, swirling leaves.

Then we're off again. There's more to see! There are trees to climb.

Unmarked pathways need to be explored!

Oh, Mom, look!! A mother duck with her babies. There's five of them! Just like us!

The path winds through deep green glades, ferns packed and crowded up against small streams, buttery with sunshine.

Last stop is the campus's rose garden. Even my brawny, rough-and-tumble boys are lured in by the rows of vibrant colors.

Youngest Daughter dances in the gazebo
Look up!! The sky is beautiful blue---white, puffy clouds scudding by.

There's a fountain over to the side, icy cold water, sparkling with coins. Water pours from a large jug held by the verdigris cherub. It's mesmerizing.

It's time to go home. Muscles are tired, mouths are thirsty, foreheads are sweaty.
Here, Mom, these are for you! A thistle, a dandelion, and a stalk of weedy grass. Sweet momentos.

Goodbye, Furman, until when next we are in need of a little nature.

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  1. What fun! I love the pictures!

    And once you learn how to tat, fill me in. :)