Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's Hear It For Middle School Boys!

I could feel it before I even opened my eyes Saturday morning . . . a hundred tiny knots in my stomach.

Middle Son was to celebrate his 13th birthday, the Man of the House was to be out of town, and that left me in charge of a group of 4 middle school boys who were to go bowling, out to eat, and ice skating. All I could think of was lots of burping and wildness and covert "bodily function" jokes. For 5 hours. Ooof, knots tightening!

What I found out was what delightful fun middle school boys are. And I remembered that I do really love this age. I love their zany craziness and their lack of self-consciousness and their zest for life.

Middle school boys are young enough to be adorably cute,

but old enough to see the handsome men they're going to become.

And for the most part they still have a good self-concept. Some, an amazingly good self-concept.

They shamelessly overreact to the success or failure of their bowling.

They're still willing to accept help when they need it.

But persevere independently when trying and trying and yet again trying to learn a new skill.

They wear plaid.

I love plaid.

They reward you by eating heartily.

Yes, I think they enjoyed that meal.

They bond as friends without the backstabbing, pettiness, or sensitivity that one might find in another gender of our fine species.

They made me laugh and beam and roll my eyes. And when at the end of the day they asked for an hour of swimming, I was ready for more.

By 6:00 p.m., the knots were replaced by smiles . . . and the need for a really good night's sleep.

And, I might add, I never heard a burp.


  1. It looks like you did have a great day! Boys at this age can be fun and do they every grow out of the amazement with bodily functions?

  2. Heartwarming stuff Shelley
    Being the mum of four grown boys, it made me a bit teary, remembering them at that age! You are right they are wonderful. A happy Bithday to your young man.
    Thank you for your lovley comment on my blog. I don't know wether you got to read down far enough (on fiday's post, I think) to see I put up a photo of some purply blue flowers just for you, with a link to your blog.
    Love the picture of you up the top :o) Wow you look so young!

  3. aw, i love this post! so sweet. love the pictures and the plaid. :) and you're such a brave girl for doing that on your own.

  4. I loved that post! It takes me back to the days when my son was 13 - so awesome. I always tell my children that I got one son in the middle of all the girls simply to give me a break. Boys are SO different!

    I am now enjoying my son and all of his 20-ish friends. Amazing enough, they all act pretty much like they did at 13. They got over the awkwardness of the later teen years and have adjusted to who they are. It is absolutely delightful.

    I'm so happy for you that you had such a good time. I hope you have tons more as he grows up.